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Terms and Conditions


  1. The Terms and Conditions cover general principles concerning proper use of the services provided by the Aksamit website, which is available online at: inwentaryzacja.eu.
  2. Each User taking advantage of the website agrees to comply with the Terms and Regulations presented below.


1. Terms and Conditions of the website – hereinafter referred to as „Terms and Conditions” specify the scope of online services offered by the Service Provider.
Service Providerthe Aksamit Company, Jacek Rogowski; company’s seat in Warsaw, Geodezyjna 73c/13 Street, NIP: 952-184-93-75
Websitethe inwentaryzacja.eu website
Client the entity requesting the Service Provider to render chosen Services. The registration on the inwentaryzacja.eu website is treated as service rendering request.
UserClient, Client’s cooperative, or an individual authorized by the Client to use the Service assigned to the Account.
Price list a price list published on the inwentaryzacja.eu website, regulating both the rate and terms of payment to be undertaken for using the Services provided via the inwentaryzacja.eu website. No amendments introduced in the Price list shall be treated as amendments in the Terms and Conditions.  
Validity period the period starting on the day of undertaking the payment by the Client and lasting one year.  
Trial period the number of days, during which the Client is allowed to test the provided services without the necessity to undertake the payment or to prolong the validity period of the Services.

Intellectual property protection

1.Choice and the layout of the content published on the website, as well as the Application itself are understood as creations in accordance with the act of 4th February 1994 on copyrights and related rights. In result, they are protected lawfully by the restrictions of the act. 

2.Additionally, all other creations, trademarks, as well as other elements of the Website and the Application, such as texts, images, and multimedia files are also protected by the regulations of the act specified in point 1.  

3.Taking advantage of the Website or the Application by the User or any other individual visiting the Website shall not grant the aforementioned entities any rights of further utilization of the published materials.

4.Copying or modifying of any part of the Website or the Application is strictly forbidden. The same applies to the utilization of the content in a way not explicitly allowed by the Terms and Regulations without prior consent of the Service Provider expressed in writing.


1. Service Provider grants the Users paid access to the Application, by means of which physical stocktaking may be executed.
In order to utilize the Application, the User must have a continuous Internet connection, as well as be equipped with a PC or Mac computer with an Internet browser installed.
Utilization of the Application is payable in advance. The rate to be paid is presented in the updated version of the Price list published on the Service Provider’s website.
The service is provided from the moment of registration on the Website onwards.
Creation of an account is understood as the conclusion of a service rendering agreement between the User and the Service Provider. 


1. Client is the exclusive owner of the data uploaded while using the Account.
Client holds the right to stop using the Service without providing any reason. The payment undertaken to prolong the Validity Period will not be returned in such a case.
Client is granted the possibility to contact the Service Provider in order to discuss the details of the rendered service. In order to do so, an e-mail message should be sent to: info@inwentaryzacja.eu
Client is obliged to provide valid and accurate data while registering the Account, as well as to update the aforementioned data immediately if necessary.
Client exercises full supervision over the data typed in or uploaded while creating the account. Legal basis: Personal Data Protection Act (art. 7, subsection 4).


1. Prices of the packets, as well as the scope of services they cover are published on the Website.
During the registration procedure, the User purchases a temporal access to chosen modules of the Application.
Price changes will be published on the website. They shall not be considered changes of Terms and Regulations.
After reception of the payment, the invoice is sent via e-mail in the PDF format to the e-mail address provided during registration. Invoices in the paper form are sent on Client’s request only.
Client is required to pay in advance for the possibility to use the services provided by the inwentaryzacja.eu website

6. If the payment of due expenses it not undertaken, the Service Provider holds the right to block the access to the Application.

Responsibilities of the Service Provider

1.The Application is only a supportive solution facilitating the conclusion of economic activities by the User. The Service Provider cannot be held accountable for any economic activities conducted by the User.

2.Service Provider informs the Users that the Website and the provided services shall be used on the Users’ own risk.

3.Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily stop rendering the services in the case of any malfunction or modernization of the Website and Application. Withholding to render the services for longer than 24 hours per month shall not be connected with any liability on the part of the Provider. In the case of failure to provide the services for more than 48 hours in a given month, the User will be granted the possibility to claim his payment to be reduced by 1 PLN (one zloty) per every day exceeding the aforementioned period.

4.Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any damages and losses resulting from improper functioning of software or hardware of the User or any other individual visiting the Website.

5. Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any damages and losses resulting from providing the information making it possible to access the Account of the User to third parties.

6. Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any damages and losses resulting from improper functioning of the Website or the Application, as well as improper usage of the Application or the Service by the User, unless the damages and losses result from the negligence of the Service Provider.

7. Service Provider shall not be held responsible for improper or illegal utilization of the Website and the Application by the User or any other individual visiting the Website.


1. Terms and Conditions become effective on the day of their publication of the Website.
Administration of the Website holds right to amend the Terms and Conditions.
Users of the Website will be informed about every such amendment.
User holds right not to accept the changes in the Terms and Conditions. Refusal to accept the new regulations shall be sent to the Service Provider via: mail, e-mail, or phone within 30 days from publishing the amended Terms and Conditions.
In the event of refusal to accept the new regulations, the agreement concluded by the party is terminated after 30 days from the moment of reception of the notification concerning the refusal.